Welcome to DentalDowntime…
…your monthly podcast “getaway” show!

Relax with us… Learn with us… LAUGH with us!


    Learn more about your work when you’re not at work.


    Discover how our overall “self” has a direct impact on what we do on and off “the clock” – for our family, our co-workers and the people we serve.


    Enjoy a light-hearted approach to the world around us – what happens to us and through us.

The Dental Downtime show was created to bring lively, fun and timely topics to Dentists and their Teams, Dental Colleagues and Industry Partners. 

We will bring along friends who have talent and stories.  Some of the content will be downright relatable to your office and some will be simply frivolous.

Your “downtime” can be your uptime, your funtime.  If you can’t laugh at your self – tune in and laugh at us.

“Think Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey meets Tina Fey and Ellen DeGeneres.”

Dental Downtime ShowThe purpose of the podcast is educate, entertain and connect as well as take a lighthearted look at our profession.

  • Laugh at ourselves
  • Laugh at our work
  • Laugh with each other not at each other
  • To be a light in a world of negativity and chaos and dread
  • To realize that how we spend our “downtime” has a direct impact on our “uptime” (downtime being downtime in the office – for training, ce, process improvements, improving culture/team building –  what we do when we don’t have patients or downtime at home – hobbies, family time – the “why we do what we do”

For dentists, dental teams, spouses, consultants and industry partners. 

Penny Reed

Penny Reed

Combined – Penny and Debra have over 75 years in dentistry – (but they’re not that old)! Penny began her career in 1992 working for her dentist after working in IT management at WalMart Corporation.  She started consulting in 1994 after she discovered she could not file a paper chart. Penny is the author of the book Growing Your Dental Business  and contributing author for Persuade With A Case Acceptance Story.   Her podcast “Growing Your Dental Business” was listed as one of the top 100 podcasts in the dental industry.

Debra began working in dentistry in 1974, joined a major consulting firm in 1982 and began her own consulting company in 1985.  Debra is co-founder of The Nash Institute for Dental Learning, which began conducting post graduate courses for doctors and team members in 1997.  She was the 2015 recipient of the Gordon Christensen Top Lecturer Award and listed as one of the top 25 Women in Dentistry.

Both Penny and Debra have spoken at most major dental meetings and have written  articles for dental publications.  They are listed as Leaders in Dental Consulting and Education by Dentistry Today.

Debra Nash

Debra Engelhardt-Nash

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